Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Lazy Cleanse

I have never been much for cleanses. I have never seen the point of starving myself, with only liquids to sustain me…all in an effort to clean out my system and “give the digestive tract a rest.” Does the digestive tract really need rest periods? I mean do animals in the wild cleanse? Honestly, there are mixed views on cleanses. I have always felt that you need to go with what works for you, so if the juice cleanse works for you, then have at it.

I have some friends who do what I call the “no” diet for a while after the holidays; no sugar, no dairy, no wheat, no alcohol, etc. I actually think that is not a bad thing, especially after all the crazy holiday eating and drinking. For me, I crave good, healthy food after the holidays or even after vacations. I look forward to getting back to normal. Eating too much of all those yummy holidays foods leave me feeling sluggish, slow and bloated. I usually opt for something much simpler. I just get back to basics; eating whole, non processed foods, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, more water, getting back into my regular gym routine or even upping it a notch, etc. Although I don’t entirely give up the alcohol, I do limit it to only weekends and to much less of it…LOL J

I hosted for the holidays this year and although I do like to cook, I get overwhelmed by it and I came out of this holiday season feeling like the last thing I wanted to do was cook more! So this year I am doing the “lazy cleanse”…or should I say I am eliciting help. I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE fan of this amazing delivery service in NYC. I often treat myself a few times a year to a week or two of their incredible food, but this year I decided this would be my post holiday detox.

Sakara Life is an organic food delivery service. They focus on whole, real, locally sourced food which is primarily plant-based. Nothing is processed; just fresh delicious real food. It is amazing to me how absolutely delicious healthy eating can be. It is truly a treat! I can honestly say I have never have had a bad meal! And it is so filling; no starving, no feeling deprived! It really makes you realize how good actually being nourished by your food feels.

Sakara Life is worth every penny, but as with all these convenient services it is never a cheap option. However, I would highly recommend it to anyone that was interested in trying it. A lot of people I know do those commercial juice cleanses like Blueprint or they splurge regularly at juice bars. Not that I think those are bad things, but none of these things are cheap. Sakara Life is definitely worth the splurge and I guarantee you, you won’t be searching for a snack between meals!

I literally crave their food and get so excited with every delivery to see what I get to eat that day! It’s like Christmas all over again! I also like the fact that they tell you all about the super food(s) that are in each meal, so you know what all this yumminess is doing for you.

Sakara Life delivers throughout NYC, Westchester, Long Island, parts of New Jersey and Connecticut and they just expanded to Boston and its surrounding areas! They have a variety of options, not only regarding the number of days, but they also recently expanded their meal combos; i.e. you can get all three meals, lunch and dinner only, breakfast and lunch only, etc. The dinner only and lunch only options are great too if you don’t have healthy options near work or like me, get home from work and can’t seem to rally to cook a decent meal. Or worse, are a take-out junkie!

I have been a fan since the beginning and can’t say enough good things about both the food and the wonderful people who work there.

For more information, click here or email

If you do sign-up, please tell them Lauren Pelehach sent you – I like to throw support their way and I may get some free meals out it! LOL :-)  And most of all ENJOY!!!! I warn you it, it may become addicting!!

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