Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's That Time Again!!

So it"s the start of a new month and it's time to set new goals for February. Last month I set 2 goals; to add strength training into my weekly workout routine and to experiment with a new grain. So as you saw from my yummy blueberry millet breakfast recipe, I definitely was digging the millet in January! I have also successfully added 2 strength training sessions a week to my workout. I have not done any regular strength training in many years. I have taken different classes, which incorporated some weights or body weight exercises, but I can't say that it has been a significant part of my workout for a while. I forgot how much of love it!! Beyond all the benefits of strength training, it just makes me feel great. I feel strong and confident and it's definitely something I am going to continue. I am in search of my inner, bad-ass Lara Croft! Ha - not there yet, but I do spy a slightly more toned tripep!
So February is all about rest and stress reduction. After the holiday lull at work, things are back into full swing and I am mindful of my increased stress.
1. I strive to get more sleep!
I must say I am not someone who requires a lot of sleep, but I definitely need more than I am getting. I am easily up until midnight during the work week and need to be at work fairly early - not a good recipe for good sleep! I also have gotten into the habit of watching the news in bed at night. So this month I am going to get to bed at the latest 1130pm and no TV once in bed! We will see how this goes....wish me luck!
2. Committing to 1 yoga class a week.
I am generally a rather wound up person - I have one speed and never really slow down unless I am forced to. Yoga has never really been my thing, however whenever I do get to a class I feel amazing and definitely believe fully in the benefits. I really believe it is healthy for me to slow down and it does take practice for me to do so. I have found a class near my home on Saturday mornings that I really do enjoy...when I get there! So this month I am committing to taking 1 class a month, which really should be doable.
So what are your goals for February??

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