Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Treating Myself…

So in the spirit of Valentine’s Day I am treating my body to some self love! Although I still curse the mounds of chocolate yummies in every store I pass, I am going to do something much more decadent this year…and its HEALTHY!!! I am sure I am not alone when I say that I am totally an emotional eater. When I am stressed out or upset, I easily can inhale a bag of Doritos or allow one glass of wine turn into 3 or 4…you see where I am going with this. Although I have found much healthier outlets for my emotions/stress in recent years, I still have times when I struggle to stay on track. And once off, reining it back in can be a challenge!
This is particularly true when coming off of a holiday or a vacation when I may have indulged a bit more than usual or perhaps a prolonged period of stress in my life. For me, if I can get in a solid week of super healthy eating, that tends to break the cycle. But let’s face it, I am not a cooking extraordinaire and in the winter there is just not as great of a variety of fresh and interesting produce, so I tend to get a bit bored (or lazy!!!) with my choices.
This is when I rely on the awesome people at Sakara Life! I discovered this company about a year ago and have been an avid fan (and customer) ever since. Based here in NYC (sorry for you non-New Yorkers, but I am guessing there are similar services elsewhere)…so for any of you locals I would definitely recommend giving it a shot! Sakara Life provides an organic food delivery service. It is based on a whole food, plant based diet that can be catered to your dietary needs and they offer a variety of delivery packages. This week I am doing the “LOVE Cleanse” and it is as amazingly delicious as always. It is astonishing how healthy food can feel so decadent! If I could afford it, I truly would have them feed me every day! Luckily I can treat myself once in a while.
I know a lot of people boast about juice cleanses and although I have nothing against them, they have never really worked for me. I have tried several and I definitely do believe in all the benefits associated with adding juicing to your life (hence my fantastic Vitamix purchase), but living on liquids alone is just not for me. With juice-only I felt deprived and spent my whole day waiting for when I was able to drink my next juice! I never felt satiated, despite how yummy they were, and I definitely felt like I was dragging (no energy boost felt by me!!). I also found that when it was over, I was so excited to have real food again that I did a poor job of slowly easing back into it (although I must admit it did kill my cravings for crap!) and I ended up overdoing it. One of the most amazing things that my nutrition program promotes is the idea of bioindividuality; they don’t promote a certain diet or lifestyle, it is all about providing people with the knowledge and letting each person discover what truly works best for them. So if juice cleanses help to recharge you or get you back on track, go for it! There are definitely some great benefits and I have friends who swear by how fantastic it makes them feel! For me, I prefer the whole food approach and being lucky enough to live here in NYC, I have Sakara Life to support me when I need it. On Day2 and loving every minute of it!!!!

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