Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Need a Metabolism Boost?

Who doesn’t? We are constantly bombarded by weight loss products that promise near instant results, many of which contain dangerous stimulants and rarely have I seen anyone get real, lasting results using them. How about a healthy, natural alternative that not only boosts your metabolism to helps keep off those pounds, but is delicious! Say hello to coconut oil! Yes eating fat can help you lose weight! I know it is completely counterintuitive than what we have all been led to believe, but the old adage “eating fat will make fat” is not true (at least with regard to certain healthy fats).
Unlike the polyunsaturated fats found in many common industrialized oils like corn oil and canola oil, which are long-chained fatty acids, coconut oil is made up of medium chained fatty acids. Beyond the other dangers associated with polyunsaturated oils, they are difficult for the body to break down and therefore are usually stored as fat. On the contrary, medium chained fatty acids are more easily broken down, thus providing the body with a healthy source of energy. Studies have shown these triglycerides speed up metabolism thereby helping to promote healthy weight loss/maintenance.1
It is interesting as a number of months ago I was talking to my doctor (who is a holistic practitioner here in NYC) and he had recommended this supplement that was primarily made from coconut oil. I was a little suspicious of the idea of eating more fat when I am trying to get those last few pounds off, but I trust him so I went with it. I honestly am eating way more fat than I ever have in my life (all healthy fats of course and in reasonable amounts) and I have had a much easier time maintaining my weight…even losing some. Furthermore, adding more fat into my diet keeps me much more satiated, stabilizes my blood sugar and really does help to curb my snacking.
Other ways coconut oil helps support weight loss:
  • Slows the digestion of food, which keeps you full and keeps your blood sugar stable.
  • Medium chained fatty acids have been shown to destroy candida, which can trigger cravings, fatigue and other symptoms that can counter weight loss
  • It is excellent for detoxification
I have been cooking with coconut oil for a while, but in addition I have even started adding a bit to my morning coffee! A friend recommended it to me and I thought he was nuts, but honestly it adds a yummy flavor and I must say I have gotten a bit addicted to it. It is also important to use the right kind of coconut oil; you want unrefined, extra virgin oil. There are some kinds that are refined; however they are processed using harsh chemicals which destroy many of the natural benefits of the coconut oil.
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