Sunday, April 14, 2013

Love Pasta? Mangia!


Growing up in an Italian family, pasta was a huge part of our meals. The first time I ever had jarred sauce was in college (that is in between the shipments of homemade sauce shipped from Grandma). There was even a time when I was little, when my great grandma would make the pasta from scratch! Every holiday, with the exception of Thanksgiving, was a pasta based meal and let's not forget Sunday dinner.
I can't imagine living without pasta, but it seems to be on every "no-no" list due to the carb factor and given the many people who have a gluten sensitivity. It is the one thing I struggle with...I don't have a gluten sensitivity, so although I have moved more towards gluten free options when it comes to eating, I need my real pasta! Somehow the "healthier" versions just don't do it for me. I have tried a few different kinds, but the consistency is just not the same or it looks funny...just something about it that just makes it so not "Grandma's!"
I recently discovered a new brand of gluten free pastas called TruRoots. I have only tried the penne, but they also have fusilli, elbow and spaghetti. So far it is the most authentic tasting pasta I have tried - it is even made in Italy! It is organic, non-GMO and gluten free made from quinoa, amaranth and brown rice, so full of protein and healthy whole grains. Best of all it is Mmmmm, Mmmmm GOOD!!!

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