Monday, January 7, 2013

Super food Alert: Have you “Camu’ed Today?

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I recently have been reading about super foods. These foods are nutrient dense and are believed to provide significant health benefits to the body. There seems to be an endless number of lists from various experts, which include more common things like salmon, blueberries and green leafy vegetables (who would ever think kale would become all the rage?!) and ones we have come to know like acai and goji berries, but there are some less common ones that are worth exploring.
Camu is one that I recently discovered. It is a berry, primarily grown in the rainforests of Peru, which contains unusually high levels of vitamin C. In fact it has the highest concentration of vitamin C of any berry. In similar weight comparisons, the camu berry provides nearly 50 times the vitamin C than your everyday orange.1
The health benefits of vitamin C cover a wide range of areas from preventing cancer and heart disease, and promoting eye health, to curing the common cold. Vitamin C packs a powerful immune boosting punch, making it even more important during the winter cold and flu season.
A nasty cold bug has made its way through my office and my entire family. Although I thought that I had avoided it unscathed, it finally caught up to me just this past weekend. So I reverted to my usual routine of making myself rest (such a challenge for me!), lots of broth based soup, juicing as much as I can and tea with honey. However this time I added some camu camu powder to my juice and I definitely felt a boost! I only had one really bad day, but woke up the next day feeling like a new woman. The cough is still persisting and I am sniffling, so I can’t say I am fully recovered, but I definitely think the addition of the camu camu powder to my regimen speeded up my recovery. I even managed a spinning class yesterday! I went from not getting off the couch to buzzing around feeling fantastic in 24 hours. I hate being sick, so I figured why not give it a shot…what could be bad about a little vitamin C boost?

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