Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Path to Failure is Paved With Good Intentions

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It seems more common then not, that when people set out to make a change they come up with very lofty goals. Particularly this time of year, after weeks of eating and drinking and holiday hoopla, people set a goal to lose weight. Suddenly the gyms are packed, people vow to never eat another cookie and salads are the menu item of choice. It usually last for a few weeks - maybe till Valentine's Day, then inevitably people lose motivation and revert back to old habits.

As I said in my previous post, I am not big on annual resolutions. However, I do believe in setting goals to work towards. Unfortunately I see many of my friends who want to starting working out again, so after not having seen the inside of a gym in many months or even years they set a goal to workout 5 times a week. Now I workout pretty regularly and I can't say I always get to the gym that often. Too often we set unrealistic goals, which only set us up for failure. Then we beat ourselves up for failing and ultimately give up. The key is baby steps...if you want to get back into a gym routine or work off those holiday pounds, maybe set a goal to take 2 cardio classes a week. Not a gym person, maybe set a goal to walk after dinner 3 times a week. Anything is better than nothing and as you add small positive changes to you life, you will be inspired to do more.

I recently started setting new goals each month; just a few (no more than 3). Some people prefer to set a weekly goal. It is whatever works for you.

January Goals:

1. Incorporate strength training into my workout routine twice a week
So after all my holiday partying, I really want to jump start my workout and add, something new to my weekly routine. I have been yoyo-ing back and forth on that last 5 pounds I want to shed and keep off. I need to push through that plateau and find my inner Lara Croft!

2. Experiment with one new grain this month
In my quest to eat better, I have gotten really into cooking. I love quinoa and have found ways to use it for just about every course, but there are so many amazing grains out there. I recently found a breakfast recipe using millet which sounds super yummy so that may be the grain for January...

I will keep you posted on my progress!!!

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